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Hi there! My name is Susan. Here we are, together, in this tiny blip on the web. You are likely here to learn a little more about me. Here’s the scoop: I’m a digital creator of content, marketing, social media strategy and management. Interested? Keep on reading to find out if we can work together.
I am a hybrid millennial. I have the knowledge and skills of a digital native but also carry insight from the cusp of a different generation. When I’m not working on projects, I like to step away from the screen. I tinker with Pinterest crafts, enjoy the outdoors, read books in hammocks, travel, and take photographs along the way.
I am fascinated by psychology and design. Marketing is the blend of the two, with a business skew. I enjoy the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life. I can spend hours crafting the best design or right words for a project. I also enjoy analyzing the results and trying to understand audience behavior. I use this combination of knowledge to refine my professional skills as a digital strategist.
I am a content creator and digital strategist. My specialties include brand development, social media management, marketing, copywriting, content curation, photography, graphic design, web design and website management.

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